ClearCryptos Swap is a powerful, easy-to-use exchange tool which helps you optimize your trades across hundreds of DEXes. Our system is based on one of the most reliable aggregators on the market.

If you hold any CCX tokens, the swap fees are slashed by 50%! 

In the future, we will be implementing a tier structure based off the number of tokens you own, where you can get anywhere from 25% to 100% of the ClearCryptos Swap fees.

Main features

Lowest price

Enables splits between different protocols, accessing multiple liquidity sources from Ethereum network.

Premium verified tokens

The Swap will include only reliable cryptocurrencies, audited and verified by our smart contract experts.

Smart filtering​

You can filter tokens by volume of transactions, liquidity etc.

Lowest response time

Uses the fastest aggregator on the market, a response time below 400ms.

Video slider

Useful videos and tutorials for those who are new to crypto.

Intelligent slippage

The Swap automatically picks the best slippage for you.

and more to come...

Purchasing crypto
is easier than ever

Make a simple bank transfer or just use your credit card or Apply Pay and purchase crypto right now. You can choose from a variety of gateways to get the lowest fees when exchanging from fiat to crypto.

Our fiat providers

Plus many others...


ClearCryptos SWAP is a powerful, easy-to-use exchange tool which helps you optimize your trades across hundreds of DEXes. Our system is based on one of the most reliable and efficient aggregators on the market.

•    Automatic slippage – no need to worry about setting the slippage for a specific token, the swap can automatically pick the best one for you.
    Smart filtering for the tokens (filter by volume, liquidity, rating and more).
    Premium verified tokens – ClearCryptos Swap will include only reliable cryptocurrencies with audit certifications, verified by our smart contract experts.
•    ClearCryptos’ educational content continues its mission and provides you with a series of videos about interacting with ClearCryptos SWAP, making the experience beginner friendly.

The list doesn’t end here, more features are in the works.

The financial protocols known as DEX aggregators provide traders and investors with simple access to a number of trading pools via a single interface. They rely on a sophisticated mechanism that considers a variety of factors before selecting the most suitable provider(s) across all of the available DEXes for a given token swap.

A “wallet” is a piece of software that may be used to demonstrate your ownership of a certain cryptocurrency account or address. You can use a wallet to safely store cryptocurrencies or to approve crypto payments or transactions.

The ClearCryptos Swap currently supports Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect.

Slippage tolerance refers to the difference between the price you place on an order and the actual price the order will be filled that you are willing to accept. The tolerance level is set as a percentage of the total swap value. In the ClearCryptos Swap you can select your custom slippage tolerance, whilst also having the option of enabling intelligent slippage. This feature finds you the best slippage needed in order to perform the swap transaction.

By design, smart contracts cannot access your tokens without your explicit permission. You authorise the ClearCryptos Swap to use your assets by “unlocking” your tokens, through an approval transaction. You must pay a small gas fee to the network’s miners in order for them to validate this activity on the blockchain. Each token from a specific wallet you wish to trade requires a one-time approval.

Blockchain network validators receive a gas fee for their services to the blockchain as part of each transaction. Without the fees, no one would be motivated to stake their ETH and support network security. Each swap transaction you do will require paying a gas fee tax. 

The gas fee is determined by multiplying the gas limit and the gas price per unit (e.g. if the gas limit would be 10,000 and the price per unit would be 100 gwei, the gas fee would be 10,000 * 100 = 1,000,000 gwei = 0.001ETH).

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