The USFCR and ClearCryptos
Blockchain Solution
and Integration Program (BSIP)

USFCR and ClearCryptos’ Blockchain Solution and Integration Program (BSIP) guides businesses through the evolving blockchain landscape, ensuring compliance in government contracting. The program includes 24/7 support, a tiered support system, a Blockchain Compliant Seal, and expertise for integrating blockchain.

BSIP also addresses challenges such as scalability, reliability, and compliance without sacrificing security.

Reduce costs, explore blockchain opportunities, and prepare for government contracting’s future with BSIP.

Today’s Common
Blockchain Obstacles

Scalability and Reliability

Blockchain solutions can often be limited in scalability without compromising security measures. ClearCryptos has extensive experience in large-scale implementation for millions of users.

Cost Reduction

The implementation of blockchain advancements can be costly for businesses, with costs reaching several hundreds of millions of dollars. ClearCryptos leverages their knowledge and resources to reduce these costs by up to 70% to help businesses succeed at a reasonable cost or no cost.

Compliance and Security

With recent cryptocurrency-related regulations, implementing blockchain solutions can become complicated. ClearCryptos eliminates the confusion by providing clear and precise information on all available routes for your business, ensuring compliance without infringing on security guidelines.

Benefits of the Blockchain Solution
and Integration Program

Introduction & Basics

We will introduce you to the basics of blockchain transactions and provide ongoing support to help you understand how they work.

24/7 support

ClearCryptos offers 24/7 support with tiered options based on your commitment level.

Blockchain Integration

We offer affordable, customized blockchain integration support for both private and public blockchains.

Blockchain Solutions

We will educate you on the benefits of blockchain and help you
determine where it can benefit your daily business operations.

Expert Guidance

For higher-tiered customers, we will assign a blockchain expert to
guide your business and conduct a revenue analysis to reduce costs.

Compliant Seal

You will receive a Blockchain Compliant Seal and stay up to date on the latest bockchain sector advancements.

The goal of the Blockchain Solution and Integration Program is to ensure your business is compliant with the new move to blockchain.

Do you need the Blockchain Solution and Integration Program?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, the Blockchain Solution can benefit your business.

Are you currently a subcontractor with USFCR and want to get prepared for the future of government contracting?

Have you been interested in being involved in blockchain but do not know where to start?

Are you interested in reducing your business’s overhead cost for day to day operations?

Have you looked into blockchain solutions but the implementation cost has exceeded your expectations?

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