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‘Know, Trust, Act’ is the foundation that fuels the ClearCryptos community to the overall mission of mass adoption for decentralized cryptocurrency. ‘Know’ is the first aspect of this mission and flourishes through ClearCryptos educational content.

Learning Series

A series of educational videos created by licensed professionals, influencers, blue collar workers, developers, including every single aspect of decentralized finance.

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The Power of
Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance provides people to have control over their own finances. DeFi will continue to evolve and become a bigger part of our lives in the future. It is important we learn the basics of DeFi.
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The volatile Crypto Market & how to navigate It

Many people are now coming into crypto from the stock market and the first thing they realize is just how volatile crypto can be. What are some of the best practices to combat the volatility in the crypto market?

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How to protect
your Crypto

Crypto can be bought and sold on both centralized and decentralized exchanges and the most important thing to learn early on in your crypto journey is how to keep your crypto safe and secure. 

Current Topics

A series of videos which are of current interest. Discover the everyday Crypto world.

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How Long Will The Bear Market Last? ​

The question many are asking is “how long will this bear market last?” Looking at some historical data, there may be an answer!

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What is Going to Happen
Now in Crypto?

Take a look into the latest crypto events. Is there a crypto crash coming? What will happen next? Everything you need to know is covered in this video.

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Bitcoin dropping = Opportunity for you?

We’re close to where the price was in 2017 so if you thought people were lucky for getting into Cryptocurrency back then, this is your chance to bring down the average of your cost.

General Knowledge

A video series discussing different concepts we find in crypto, finance and banking. 

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Crypto price correlation
to the stock market

Justin Seals and Tavaris Hobbs discuss about the correlation between the stock market and the crypto market. How do they related to one another?

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How to successfully
diversify in crypto

Being successful in crypto can be a daunting task. In this video for ClearCryptos Austin Hilton and Zach Humphries outline a simple diversification strategy that anyone can use, starting right now!

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Must do before buying
your first crypto

Oscar Ramos talks about the 3 things that can save you hundreds of dollars along the way. Do this in crypto right now!

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