ClearCryptos Aims to Change the Standard in Decentralized Finance

Bringing clarity into crypto

Winston Churchill, while working to form the United Nations after WWII, famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” While there have been approximately 18,000+ tokens created since the introduction of Bitcoin and innovation has enabled an incredible opportunity for individuals to create wealth, it also brought with it market volatility plagued by a perception of wild west lawlessness. It is this point of view that has contributed to many projects being off at least 75% from their all-time highs, with many becoming worthless. Crypto today is fraught with risk, misinformation, and undue complexity. Inexperienced creators, together with bad actors, compound these challenges, further inhibiting mass adoption. Crypto must be accessible, manageable, and trusted, but it is not. ClearCryptos’ mission is to deliver a clear path to democratize simple, safe, and credible access to the wide world of crypto for everyone.  

A strong foundation with unmatched opportunity

ClearCryptos is driven by its three core functional stacks: KNOW-TRUST-ACT. These pillars comprise the foundation to enable frictionless access to utility, optimization, and unmatched opportunity in decentralized finance (DeFi) for the masses. 

  • Know:  With a focus on providing the best available educational content as a cornerstone of services the ClearCryptos library will have resources ranging from crypto currency fundamentals to the understanding of DeFi and long-term wealth generation. Providing access to these materials is core to the ClearCryptos mission of making crypto accessible to everyone. Educational components will consist of both originally created and syndicated content will allow subscribers, through conventional social media channels, to gain real-time insights into what is happening in the crypto and blockchain markets in addition to providing a live stream broadcast in multiple languages active 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Additional resources include instructional articles paired with recorded videos on wallet creation, buying/selling, research, and content requested by the community.


  • Trust: With the highest standards of governance in the industry, ClearCryptos expects to maintain an unparalleled level of security, control, and safety. ClearCryptos will utilize established companies in the business, technology, and crypto markets to ensure the most in-depth vetting, auditing, and accountability is secured for all projects in the ecosystem/platform. Significant resources have been deployed to develop the platform to date, with more than a dozen-recognized international leaders in the crypto sector providing leadership, credibility, and support for the vision, including collaborative with a partner firm in the Top 5 Audit and Accounting firms. This collaboration’s aligned mission is to build trust in society and solve important problems. Its this alignment and common goal to serve our clients and the world to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.


  • Act: ClearCryptos’ purchasing and selling tools provide an innovative and easy to navigate platform for analysis. Purchasing and selling will be conducted on the ClearCryptos decentralized exchange which utilizes aggregating technology including multi-chain capabilities and will include features that streamline access for every type of user. Algorithms will be provided for users to mitigate risk as well as taking emotion out of purchasing and selling for more consistent performance.

Multiple uses within our ecosystem

Further supporting the ClearCryptos ecosystem of partners and clients, the platform will have its own token “CCX”. CCX will be available to subscribers and is designed to easily swap with other crypto (stable coins, NFTs, etc.) at the lowest available cost basis with the assistance of proprietary algorithms with ClearCryptos partner companies in leading lifestyle sectors travel, hospitality, art & collectibles, sports, entertainment, automotive, and real estate.  The market acceptance, value and liquidity of the CCX token will be driven in large part by the value and utility of the ClearCryptos partner network, as well as by globally recognized influencers in the entertainment sector. 

Long lasting partnerships

One example of a ClearCryptos partnership is with Alpha Prime that promotes our services leveraging mutual philosophies and synergies. The ClearCryptos’ mission is to build and operate a vetted marketplace leveraging the best of breed of exchanges, payments, financial and information services with a governance layer that the industry has never experienced. ClearCryptos leverages security, traditional finance, and trusted technology within the utility of blockchain with a platform that allows consumers to engage with established companies through ClearCryptos strategic partner matrix. Users can access resources to proactively manage a rapidly evolving market. ClearCryptos provides world-class support to purchasers to win their race to financial prosperity much in the same way pit crews support their drivers to win the race on the track. The synergy of our partnership with Alpha Prime Racing brings trust and confidence to this segment and we look forward to providing our users with the ability to operate at elite levels.

Supporting the local economy

ClearCryptos personnel are positioned globally to support its operations which are  headquartered in Puerto Rico. The company supports the local economy through reinvesting proceeds from its operations back into every local municipality positively affecting every local resident. ClearCryptos believes crypto should benefit the local population with better infrastructure, education, and unmatched opportunity and will be in reach for the average local citizen and help to advance Puerto Rico into becoming the crypto hub of the world.  

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