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Know what you need to know. Curated educational content, ranging from the basics of DeFi to long term wealth generation, is core to the ClearCryptos mission of making crypto accessible to everyone.


It’s all in the data – data you can trust. ClearCryptos presents easy to read, vetted opportunities and historical performance in combination with state-of-the-art analytics to provide insight and clarity for better decisions.


Act with confidence – and in your best interest. ClearCryptos empowers its community through education and technology, prioritizing simplicity, safety and transparency to deliver an unmatched platform of support.

Innovating useability with the touch of a button

ClearCryptos Swap is a powerful, easy-to-use exchange tool which helps you optimize your trades across hundreds of DEXes. Our wrapper is based on one of the most reliable aggregators on the market. Learn more →

without complication

Delivering the convenience and maturity of a centralized interface, whilst being completely decentralized in its architecture.

Providing the
resources you need
to get into crypto

ClearCryptos puts education first. We have formed an experienced group of content creators, which is unprecedented in this industry. We commit to providing you with the knowledge you need to navigate the crypto space.

Our Discord community has admins and moderators with varying degrees of cryptocurrency knowledge to provide you with next level support in your journey.

Making crypto more accessible
for everyone

Making crypto more accessible
for everyone

Global reach
local return

Based in Puerto Rico, ClearCryptos is a local business supporting the local economy, investing proceeds from its operations back into every local municipality positively affecting every local resident. ClearCryptos believes crypto should benefit the local population with better infrastructure, education and unmatched opportunity. With ClearCryptos, crypto opportunities will now be in reach for the average local citizen and help to grow Puerto Rico into the crypto hub of the world.

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What is Bitcoin?

Learn about Bitcoin and how everything began.

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How to buy crypto?

Learn about the different methods of buying crypto.

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How to DYOR?

Learn about the importance of doing your own research.

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Use RSI in trading

Learn how to use the Relative Strength Index in trading.

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