Know what you need to know. Curated educational content, ranging from the basics of decentralized finance (DeFi) to long term wealth generation, is core to the ClearCryptos mission of making crypto accessible to everyone.


It’s all in the data – data you can trust. ClearCryptos presents easy to read, vetted opportunities and historical performance in combination with state-of-the-art analytics to provide insight and clarity for better decisions.



Act with confidence – and in your best interest. ClearCryptos empowers its community through education and technology, prioritizing simplicity, safety and transparency to deliver an unmatched platform of support.

Bringing clarity
into crypto

Crypto – it is everywhere. But for many, it’s nowhere. It’s a mystery, full of risk and uncertainty. Although complicated and confusing, crypto is defining a new world order that must be accessible, manageable and trusted. But it’s not.  

Crypto is a movement. A community. An opportunity. The path to a better future. But to most, Crypto remains an enigma that’s mired in opaqueness beyond reason or reach. 

What if there were a clear path to democratize simple, safe, and credible access to the wide world of crypto for anyone?  

There is and it is ClearCryptos, the clear path to crypto optimization powered by industry leading insight, education and decision support. Welcome to a culturally relevant world of improved opportunity and lifestyle.

The ClearCryptos mission is to create a safe, easy to navigate, oasis of information and opportunity. We serve our community by providing the insight required to support projects they can trust.

key project Features


ClearCryptos will provide an innovative and easy to maneuver platform for studying/viewing charts. Trading can be conducted on the ClearCryptos decentralized exchange which utilizes aggregating technology with multi-chain capabilities and will be including recurring purchases creating ease of access for all types of users. Trading algorithms will be provided for users to mitigate risk as well as taking emotion out of trading for consistent performance.


ClearCryptos team and community are a diverse group of professionals who stand for integrity and want to spread the knowledge of decentralized cryptocurrency to the world. The ecosystem will provide a live stream broadcast in multiple languages that stays active 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Other educational resources include instructional drafts paired with recorded videos on wallet creation, trading, research, and content requested by the community. ClearCryptos will utilize licensed professionals from established corporations to create quality content including segments on the 24/7 livestream.


ClearCryptos aims to be one of the leading companies in aiding mass adoption. Safety in trading will be key for bringing investors to the decentralized cryptocurrency market. ClearCryptos will utilize established companies in the business, technology, and cryptocurrency markets to ensure the most in depth vetting, auditing, and accountability is secured for all projects in the ecosystem/platform.


ClearCryptos stands for building positive relationships with companies and communities who have the same values (integrity, trust, resilience) that our entire ecosystem embodies. Through partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions, ClearCryptos will further growth for companies which aim to improve/expand the cryptocurrency space. These avenues of networking will most importantly provide growth for holders as well as resources for companies to flourish.

Global reach,

local return

Based in Puerto Rico, ClearCryptos is a local business supporting the local economy, investing proceeds from its operations back into every local municipality positively affecting every local resident. ClearCryptos believes crypto should benefit the local population with better infrastructure, education and unmatched opportunity. With ClearCryptos, crypto opportunities will now be in reach for the average local citizen and help to grow Puerto Rico into the crypto hub of the world.  


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